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Open to Novella Submissions!

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Paper Golem LLC has launched Alembical, a new anthology series of original novellas, dedicated to providing an outlet for what some have described as the "ideal length" for speculative fiction.

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That's right, Paper Golem is now open to submissions for next year's anthology. Works of original fiction in the range from 20K to 40K words may be sent as RTF attachments to

Standard formatting guidelines apply. Please include your full contact information in the body of your email, as well as a short list of recent credits. Other "cover letter" style goodies are neither requested nor required.

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Official website:

Paper Golem LLC was founded on 8 November 2006 to address under-served niches. First, the vast pool of tremendously talented up-and-coming writers, as well as many already arrived writers who are still brushing off their shoes. Call it "paying it forward" or recalling our own roots, but as authors ourselves we feel that these fresh writers are the life-blood of fiction. Nurturing their work at the beginning of their careers is a critical task, one we are proud to take up. Second, providing a home for novella length fiction, an ideal length for our genre, but one which has been under-utilized because few markets exist for it. As readers, we're tired of missing out on brilliantly written stories simply because there's no where for their authors to sell them. The results will amaze and delight you.

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