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Call for submissions - Black Apples - Belladonna Publishing's fairytale anthology

Black Apples is an anthology of gothic fairytales starring the classic fairytale princess – but her ending is maybe not so happy, her quest is perhaps more grim and the darkness of the tale might just come from within…

The Princess might be someone we know, but she can also be a princess we’ve never heard of before. She may come from ancient times, or far into the future. She can be the heroine, or we might not see her on the pages at all – but the story must somehow evolve around the fairytale princess and/or her role as such – and have a dark twist… We’re looking for the beautiful, sensuous and sinister.

What we want: Originality is treasured, so is strong storytelling, clever plot and a polished manuscript.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – we do like the strange.

Payment: $120 upon publication and royalties on e-book sales.

Please visit our submissions page for full details and questions.

Belladonna Publishing
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