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Call for Submissions: Essays on Alternative Publishing, Etc.

For some time, I've been threatening to create an essay section on the StarMerrow Science Fiction and Fantasy site. The time is almost come. I hope to upload the debut essay in a week or two.

Won't you join me?

I am seeking well-written essays (1500 words max) on alternatives to traditional publishing/media production industries. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

* Self-publishing
* Independent film, music production
* Funding
* Print on demand
* Special effects on a shoestring
* How will attitudes toward art change in the 21st century?
* Intersections between original and fan creations
* Copyright law
* Creative commons

Please cite references as needed and attribute all quotes properly. Including some HTML formatting is appreciated, especially links and paragaph divisions. Send submissions as a TEXT file to arwen @ by November 1, 2007. Write "StarMerrow Submission" in your subject heading. No payment but much glory on the StarMerrow site.

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