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Anthology, non-paying

Hello everyone. I've used this journal so often to get great tips for places to submit to, so thanks for that! :) I'm currently attempting to put together an anthology as a fundraising exercise and hope it's okay to post the details here. While the anthology isn't going to be speculative fiction *only*, most authors who've sent me queries so far will be writing spec-fic.

The anthology is non-paying, but we do hope people will be interested enough in the project concept to donate stories. Please let me know if you need more information or want to talk about a particular idea you have for a story.


The BHMFFA Connection is currently looking for stories between 3000-5000 approx for a collection of fat-positive fiction centred around fat men. These stories can cover any genre, but must clearly have at least one fat male lead character, if not more. Stories which include fat women are strongly encouraged, especially if the fat women are in powerful or sexy roles. Depending on submission volume, stories which are centred around fat women may be considered for a upcoming collection on fat women fiction.

We don't want stories where the fat guys don't like themselves. They may encounter 'haters' during the course of the story, but they must be comfortable with who they are, at least by the end of the story. (That said, if your story breaks these 'guidelines' but is still a complex, fascinating picture of a fat man, then we'd like to see it anyway.) We want stories about fat role models - fat cops, fat athletes, fat businessmen, fat gigilos, even fat gods!

We don't want erotica - we would prefer to have a book that our parents can read without blushing. However if sex occurs in the natural course of the story, that's quite acceptable - but do try to fade to black!

We are also accepting artworks for the cover and (potentially) images within the book.

We currently cannot pay contributors, but we hope that the idea of getting to write a fat-positive story for a compilation will be fun for writers! Any proceeds from the book will go toward helping the running of the BHMFFA Connection website and related sites, and (depending on costs) to actually paying contributors for future fat-positive compilations.

SUBMIT TO: bhmffaanthology@gmail.com
DEADLINE: August 30th, 2008, or whenever the collection is filled.

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