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Speculative Anthology : Dissonance

everywhen press is seeking submissions for its speculative fiction anthology "Dissonance".

Come over and visit us for more information. General submission guidelines can be found here.

The deadline is 30th August, and the scope is pretty wide. Stick with the theme (Dissonance) and the genre (any speculative) and we're interested. Let's see what you can do!
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I checked this one out, and be aware: they offer no payment besides exposure.
This is true, we do clearly state it is a "for the love" anthology. However, we do want to develop good relationships with authors, and it is our aim to either offer a good standard of pay in the future, or to develop a profit sharing model. We also want to give full exposure to our authors, and will be looking at ways to do this (author pages with all the linkage you want on our site is probably the first step, for example).

At the moment we are a start-up, so there isn't a lot of money to throw around. We considered a few options: token payments ($5 per piece, for example), raising money through crowd-sourcing to name a couple. In the end we decided to go it alone and build our own brand.

We hope this won't put people off. There are a lot of excellent writers that are just starting out, and want to build a portfolio. We hope we'll get to discover some of them, and perhaps work with them for some time to come!
Will you be selling this anthology? Or just giving it away free/
Actually, we're not 100% sure on this one yet. There are 2 options at the moment:

1. Put a low price on it and try to cover costs incurred in putting together the business and the anthology.
2. Put it out there for free to start building a reputation for both everywhen press and the authors involved.

There are also reasons to price it to start with, then make it free - it will show up on sites like ereaderiq for example - but that's part of the advertising strategy which is still being worked on. What it won't be is a full priced book, as we just don't think that would sell well as a first publication. We'd rather get it "out there" and spread the word!

The bottom line is though, we don't want any bad feelings from an author who feels they should have been paid for their work. If you have something you think would suit, and you're trying to build a portfolio, then please send it to us - after all, we're trying to build a portfolio too! - if you think "for the love" anthologies aren't worth submitting to, then send it to paying markets.

But maybe, just maybe, you have that story you know is good sitting at the bottom of a drawer with a stack of rejections, and it fits our theme perfectly :)

If I may speak personally for a moment - as a writer - I have several pieces that have been accepted for FTL anthos or online 'zines. I see it as a path to build my platform and get my name out there as a writer.